Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to School

I just tucked my boys in bed. It is the night before their first day back to school. There sure was excitement tonight as we went through the information sheets that were given to us at open house and reviewed the student handbook of rules. My husband has also turned in early as tomorrow he will return to his teachings to Mayville school second graders for, what I believe is, his 15th year.
It just reminds me there are so many rules. Yes, rules are needed, even for shoe hunting! I'm not sure just how many of you who will be participating in the Shoe hunt event have ever read through the Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations??? This year's cover features Leah Durkin with 2 deer that she shot 3 minutes apart in the 2003 season. Impressive...though I do recall last year's amazing hunt that Ronda Lichtensteiger's told of her 2-shoe story. I would bet she beat the time of 3 minutes in between each "kill". She also walked away with the "Best Deal" award. The 2 shoe total (yeah, sit down for this) $7 and some change!
So this deer rule book is 55 pages long, comes in 3 different languages, and features a special section on chronic wasting disease. It makes me wonder, was the DNR shoe application too easy last year? Should we come up with a "diet" section this year? No. As a matter of fact, we know we would like to keep it simple. The Shoe Patron Special Permit Instructions and license have been modified this year. It still resembles our counter parts and will be available soon.
The great things are the new additions. A Patron License is available per last year's request. What is a Patron's license you ask? When it comes to deer hunting if you have one of these it means you can also hunt for other things such as fowl and varmits. Well, we all like shoe hunting but...we also like purse hunting, accessory hunting, outfit hunting. You bet! I know when you become an expert in one thing you should expand your horizens. Go wild!
We also are including out of state hunting. This after last year's almost devastating hunt by Jennifer George. She was almost eliminated from the competition when it was found her hunting took place in Georgia and not in Wisconsin. Luckily her selection was so perfectionistic that they had to be included. So thank Jen for that one!
And lastly, the internet. After learning that deer mounts are purchased on the internet, we thought we would let this slide. Especially when I found the most perfect one and the shoes are not available in this area. The site No kinding- there is a style of shoes titled that! Apparantly these shoes are very comfortable and have terrific style. So check it out!
In the next coming weeks you should be getting a mailing with all the rules.
This is a great opportunity to take some time out for yourself and gather with family and friends in the process. The football season officially starts this week. My son already has his Christmas list made out. And after going to Harley Owners Association at Miller park with ill-fitting shoes and falling flat on my face, I know the time is here! It's time for to scout for new shoes- get out there and go!

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